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About Us

New York Paint and Hardware is a family owned and operated hardware store committed to quality. With an extensive range of hardware tools and equipment, we have everything you need for your DIY, building, plumbing, home improvement, or miscellaneous projects. Learn more about us below.

Our Origin and Story

New York Paint and Hardware was founded by Michael Gorelik who immigrated from Belarus back in 1979. He worked hard as a Taxi driver, but always had the dream of owning his own hardware store. After he married Victoria, he got an opportunity to manage a Paint and Decorating store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This was the beginning of his journey towards achieving his dream. With Victoria’s help – she learned about draperies and wallpaper to help expand the business – they soon purchased their own paint store in 1986.

Some years later, Michael’s dream came true, achieved through nothing but sheer hard work – and New York Paint and Decorating officially added a hardware department.

Today, his two sons, Frank and Shawn, own the business. Frank and Shawn have been involved in the store from a young age and share the same passion as their father.

Together, they have expanded the business to 3 unique locations. Each with its own specialty. 

The Second location, First Avenue Supply House is the upper east sides full-service Plumbing and Electrical Supply House. 

The third location, New York Paint and Hardware: Yorkville specializes in Benjamin Moore paint mixing and matching. In addition it has a custom drapery and window shade and upholstery showroom inside of it Em Studio  

Frank Gorelik

Owner and Operator

Shawn Gorelik

Owner and Operator

IMG_6797 2.jpeg
Founder of Em Studio Interior Production in New York Ciy
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