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At New York Paint & Hardware, we have a large selection of Plumbing Supplies.

We have waste pipes, faucet and toilet supply lines, shut-off valves, flappers, wax gaskets, copper fittings, black fittings and other miscellaneous plumbing supply. 


As a matter of fact, our partner store First Avenue Supply House, has the largest selection of plumbing on the Upper East Side. We carry plumbing supply in bulk and have name brand protools.


We are a toy store for plumbers.

The Upper East Sides largest plumbing selection.

Our staff is extremely knowledgable in plumbing. We are happy to assist you in selecting your plumbing supplies. We also offer free delivery in manhattan.


 Interested in lamp repair?

Please email newyorkpaint@gmail.com or call 212-734-6900 .


First Avenue Supply House The #1 Plumbing Supply on the Upper East Side. 


Free Same Day Delivery in Manhattan!

Plumbing Supply
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NY Paint & Hardware - Plumbing Supplies

Phone: 212-249-1614
1593 2nd Ave,
New York, NY 10028

Plumbing Supply