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Wooden Planks



Lumber Supplies

If you are looking for Lumber Supply on the Upper East Side or throughout Manhattan, New York Paint & Hardware has got you covered.

We stock an enormous amount of rough lumber and building materials.

- Finished Plywood (All Sizes)

- CDX Plywood (All Sizes)

- Pine Wood Boards and Planks / Lengths

      - 1x2x8

      - 1x3x8

      - 1x4x8

      - 1x6x8

      - 2x4x8

      - 2x4x10

      - 2x6x8

      - 2x8x10

      - Wood Moulding

-Primed Wood Board/Planks and Primed Moulding

      - 1x4x8 Primed

      - 1x6x8 Primed

      - Primed Furring Strips

      - Primed Moulding in large variety.


      - Hollow Core Doors (All Sizes)

      - Primed Hollow Core Doors

      - Panel Doors (Colonial Doors) Primed

      - Solid Core Doors

At New York Paint & Hardware, Lumber is our specialty.

We've truly got the Upper East Side's largest lumber selection.

Need Wood Cut to a specific size?  

Check out our page which talks about our Wood Cutting Services on the Upper East Side.

We cut plywood to your exact measurements.

And we Deliver it for free! 

The #1 Lumber Supply on the Upper East Side. 

We have Bulk Lumber Supplies in stock and ready for delivery, as well. 

Free Same Day Delivery in Manhattan!

Lumber Supplies
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NY Paint & Hardware - Lumber Supplies

For store hours please call
Phone: 212-734-6900
1593 2nd Ave,
New York, NY 10028


Lumber Supplies & Wood Cutting

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