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Believe it or not, New York Paint & Hardware is home to the Upper East Sides only guitar repair shop.

We do electric and acoustic repairs and setups.

We also have lots of accessories, including guitar and bass strings, capos, tuners, picks, and guitar straps.

The Upper East Sides only Music Store

We are also skilled lamp repairman. We offer lamp repair service, with pickup and delivery options. Interested in guitar repair?

Please email with a photograph of the the guitar and contact information or call 212-734-6900.


Free Same Day Delivery in Manhattan!

Guitar Repairs
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NY Paint & Hardware - Guitar Accessories

Phone: 212-734
1593 2nd Ave,
New York, NY 10028

Guitar Accessories, Repair & Maintenance

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1668 1st Ave.

New York, NY 10128


New York Paint & Hardware

1593 2nd Ave.

New York, NY 10028


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1587 1st ave.

New York, NY 10028


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