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Pro-Fit 0286108 Drywall Screw
Pro-Fit 0286108 Multi-Purpose Drywall Screw, NO 6 x 1-5/8 in
Our Price: $3.99

Pro-Fit Drywall Screw, Multi-Purpose, NO 6 Screw, 1-5/8 in Length, Bugle Head, Phillips Drive, Coarse Thread, Sharp Point
Dap 00101 Phenoseal Adhesive Caulk
Phenoseal 00101 Vinyl Adhesive Caulk, 5.5 oz, Cartridge, Paste, Slight Solvent, 7 - 12 pH, 1.285 Specific Gravity
Our Price: $4.59

Formulated from a high quality vinyl emulsion that, when cured, is tough yet flexible and can be painted. Readily adheres to most building materials. Bonds glass, metal, wood, ceramic and canvas. Caulks around tubs, showers, tiles, windows, sinks and seals cracks and seams, inside or outside. Can even be used on surfaces that are not completely dry. Water and mildew resistant; little affected by exposure to mild acids, alkalis, salt water, oil and gasoline. Non-toxic, non-flammable. Water clean up.
Windex 20133 Original Glass Cleaner
Windex 20133 Original Glass Cleaner, 23 oz Bottle, Blue Liquid
Our Price: $5.99

Cleans dirt and grease with no streaks. Also cleans appliances, mirrors, porcelain, tile, chrome, car windows, picture glass, counter tops, TV screens, etc.
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