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Our Price: $1.49

Reusable storage dispenser. SK5 alloy steel material. .25mm thickness.
American Safety 66-0454 Wide Scraper Blade
American Safety 66-0454 Heavy Duty Wide Scraper Blade, For Use With Any 4 In Wide Blade Scraper Tool, Carbon Steel
Our Price: $1.99

Heavy duty carbon steel. Fits wide blade scraper tool and other 4" scraper tools.
Allway SEB10 Single Edge Razor Blade
Allway SEB10 Single Edge Razor Blade
Our Price: $1.99

.009" thick, industrial quality. Neon plastic dispensers. Includes 5 per pack
Hyde Tools 13000 Delta Razor Blade Scrapers
Hyde Tools 13000 Delta Razor Blade Scrapers, With 1 Blade - Carded
Our Price: $2.19

Removes coatings, paint, and stickers from glass, mirrors, or windshields. Blade held offset at 5 degrees to ease scraping and extra-firm clamp holds blade under scraping pressure. Built-in 1/16" sash guide maintains paint/glass seal. Blade track design minimizes clogs and gum-ups for positive blade extension and safe retraction. Rib-reinforced body, crimped and welded to eliminate bending, pinching, and spreading. Large ribbed control button and longer handle for safety. Ergo-engineered, fits fist for better grip and control. Large hang hole for storage.
Mintcraft JL-BD-203L Safety Scrapers
Mintcraft JL-BD-203L Safety Scraper
Our Price: $2.19

Removes paint, paper, and dirt from mirrors, windows, tiles, glass, etc. Chrome plated steel construction. Includes 5 SK5 alloy steel blades. .3mm thickness.
American Line 66-0445 Window Scraper With 5 Blades
American Line 66-0445 Heavy Duty Window Scraper With 5 Blades
Our Price: $2.39

All metal with brass carrier. 3 positions with safe scraping stop. Contour design.
Allway GS Safety Glass Scraper
Allway GS Safety Glass Scraper, Steel
Our Price: $2.59

Intermediate safety blade position keeps the blade from sliding out while in use. Includes 5 blades.
Stanley 28-510 Razor Blade
Stanley 28-510 Razor Blade, High Carbon Steel
Our Price: $2.79

Steel-backed high carbon steel blade fits all standard razor blade tools. Replacement blades for Stanley 28-100 and 28-500 scrapers.
Mintcraft 38520 Razor Blade Scrapers
Mintcraft 38520 Razor Scraper With Single Edge Blade, Metal
Our Price: $2.79

All metal with retractable blade. Single edge blade included.
Hyde Tools 13110 Razor Blades
Hyde Tools 13110 Razor Blades, Single Edge - 2 Pkg. of 5 - Carded
Our Price: $2.79

0.009" thick, industrial quality steel. Use in razor blade scrapers, razor knives, wallcovering knives, and vinyl knives. Oiled to prevent rusting, and individually wrapped for safety.
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