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3M 45 Spray Adhesive
3M 45 Spray Adhesive, 11 oz, Aerosol Can, White Tan, Liquid
Our Price: $5.69

Bonds a wide variety of lightweight materials including paper, cardboard, plastic films, foam, and fiberglass insulation. Exhibits quick grab so parts can be joined without delay. Covers up to 70 sq. ft. per can. Photo safe.
Elmer's E451 Spray Adhesive
Elmer's E451 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, 11 oz, Can, Gas
Our Price: $6.99

Allows for repositioning. Formulated for mounting items to a variety of surfaces. Sprays wide to cover large areas. Resists "bleed-through". Acid-free. Photo-safe. Dries permanent. Fast tack. Dries clear.
ITW Permatex 82019 Spray Adhesive
Permatex 82019 Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, 16 oz, Aerosol Can, White, Liquid
Our Price: $6.99

Dries clear with superior bonding strength. For permanent or repositionable applications. Unique formula resists water, humidity. Applications include porous and non-porous materials. Level 3. For attaching upholstery cloth, carpeting, floor mats, insulation, kick and silencer pads to metal, wood or KB board.
Eclectic E6000 Spray Adhesive
Eclectic E6000 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, 4 oz, Bottle, White, Liquid
Our Price: $7.59

Provides adhesion strength and versatility. Use to adhere wood, metals, glass, rubber and plastics. Resists bleed-through and yellowing. Photo safe. Dries translucent. Paintable. Waterproof. Flexible. Non-flammable. No odor.
3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive
3M Super 77 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, 7 oz, Can, Clear, Sweet Fruity, Aerosol
Our Price: $8.99

Two spray patterns, 1" and 3" wide. Lower soak-in, longer lasting bond. Adhesive stays in the glue line rather than soaking into the sprayed surface. Stronger bond on porous substrates. Bonds lightweight materials. Securely attaches to foils, cloth, cardboard, foam, paper, carpeting, felt, plastics, painted or unpainted metals, wood, hardboard and many other materials. Open time is 15 to 30 minutes.
Loctite Professional Performance Spray Adhesive
Loctite Professional Performance Spray Adhesive, 13.5 oz, Spray Can, Off-White, Solvent, Liquid
Our Price: $8.99

Creates high strength and high temperature-resistant permanent bonds. Dries clean and non-yellowing. Developed for light and demanding applications. Can be used indoors and outdoors.
Elmer's E455 Extra Strong Spray Adhesive
Elmer's E455 Extra Strong Spray Adhesive, 12.5 oz, Can, Aerosol
Our Price: $10.99

For lasting bonds on paper, plastic, foil, metal, cardboard, wood, fabric and more. Fast track formula. Dries clear. Won't yellow or bleed through. Acid free.
DAP Weldwood Professional Spray Adhesive
DAP Weldwood Professional Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, 16 oz, Aerosol Can, Opaque, Solvent, Pressurized Liquid
Our Price: $13.99

Mist formula that can be used for the temporary or permanent bonding of lightweight materials including foils, carpeting, papers, foams and felt. Fast tack.
Dap 00122 Weldwood Contact Cement
DAP Weldwood 00122 Contact Cement Spray Adhesive, 16 oz, Aerosol Can, Clear
Our Price: $14.99

High-strength, high-temperature-resistant formulation. Bonds most woods, particle board, metal, laminate and many plastics including polyethylene and polypropylene. For use on trim work, door panels, decorative laminates, upholstery work and many othe rdemanding applications.
ITW Permatex 27828 Body Shop Spray Adhesives
Body Shop 27828 High-Strength Heavy Duty Headliner and Carpet Adhesive, 20 oz, Aerosol Can, Amber, Liquid
Our Price: $15.99

High-strength spray adhesive designed for repairing interior parts which have become detached or loose. VOC compliant, it bonds foam, fabrics, plastics, rubbers, and other automotive materials. Resistant to water and extreme weather conditions.  High temperature formula dries clear. Applications include headliners, carpets, trunk linings and inside door panels.
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