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Foampro 3 Corner Roller
Foampro 3 Corner Roller, Smooth Surface
Our Price: $2.19

Soft foam reaches into corners to paint two walls at the same time. Applies a smooth, even coat. For all paints. For corners, walls-to-ceilings, and walls-to-woodwork. Doesn't leave unsightly fuzz, lint or seam marks. Foam conforms to surface irregularities and provides contour coverage. Will not "mat down". Has a "reservoir action" and carries most of the paint below the surface in thousands of tiny open cells. Less frequent "dipping" and less "spreading out" of paint. Cleans quickly and easily. 4" x 9.5" x 2".
Linzer RT320 Foam Trim Edger
Linzer RT320 Foam Trim Edger, Plastic Handle
Our Price: $2.79

Beveled foam corner roller with wire handle.
Shur-Line 01540 Pad Painter Wand
Shur-Line 01540 Mini Paint Pad Refill
Our Price: $2.79

For smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. For small areas, trim and moulding.
Shur-Line 00100 Paint Trim Edgers
Shur-Line 100 Paint Trim Edger, 4-3/4 in W
Our Price: $2.99

Use to create smooth straight lines. For all paints and stains. Refill with Orgill SKU 6865778.
Shur-Line 00200 Paint Trim Edgers
Shur-Line 200ZS Replacement Paint Edger Refill, 3-1/2 in L x 4-3/4 in W Polystyrene Pad
Our Price: $2.99

Replacement pads for all Shur-Line Edgers: Orgill SKU#475.6284, 618-4030, 681-9833, and 686-5471.
Shur-Line 01520C Pad Painter Wand
Our Price: $2.99

For smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. For small areas, trim and moulding.
Linzer 8010-7 Project Select Pad Painters
Linzer 8010-7 Heavy Duty Paint Pad Refill, 7 in W
Our Price: $3.79

For all paints & stains. For interior or exterior projects. Flocked foam pad with threaded plastic handle
Shur-Line 2-Wheel Paint Edger
Shur-Line 2000874 Premium, Swivel Head Ceiling and Trim Paint Edger, 4 in W
Our Price: $3.99

Guide wheels control "cutting-in". For all paints and stains. Assures a straight, clean line along ceiling, door, window, chair rail and baseboard edges. Threaded to be used with an extension pole. Use on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces.
Shur-Line 00610C Pad Painters
Shur-Line Premium Pad Painter Refill, 7 in L, Flocked Fiber
Our Price: $4.29

For the application of paints, stains, sealers and waxes. Flat surface gives smooth painting on shakes, shingles, siding, walls, floors and more, without messy roller spray. Beveled edges to reach corners. Premium threaded comfort grip handle fits most extension poles and provides user comfort for hours of use.
Shur-Line 01570 Corner Paint Pad
Shur-Line 1570ZS One-Step Corner Painter
Our Price: $4.29

Paints both sides at one time. Woven fabric applicator is shed resistant.
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