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New York Paint and Hardware | About Us

New York Paint and Hardware is a family owned and operated hardware store committed to quality. With an extensive range of hardware tools and equipment, we have everything you need for your DIY, building, plumbing, home improvement, or miscellaneous projects. Learn more about us below.

Our Origins and Story

New York Paint and Hardware was founded by Michael Gorelik who immigrated from Belarus back in 1979. He worked hard as a Taxi driver, but always had the dream of owning his own hardware store. After he married Victoria, he got an opportunity to manage a Paint and Decorating store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This was the beginning of his journey towards achieving his dream. With Victoria’s help – she learned about draperies and wallpaper to help expand the business – they soon purchased their own paint store in 1986.

Some years later, Michael’s dream came true, achieved through nothing but sheer hard work – and New York Paint and Decorating officially added a hardware department. Today, Michael and his two sons, Frank and Shawn, run the business. Frank and Shawn have been involved in the store from a young age and share the same passion as their father. Together, they manage and operate New York Paint and Hardware along with another specialty store, First Avenue Supply House.

Our Service

As a family business, we are made up of hardworking and fun-loving individuals who share a passion about hardware. We strive to offer nothing but the best level of service, one that truly caters to your needs. We like to call ourselves “Do It Yourselfers” as we’re self-taught handymen and hardware enthusiasts. We utilize our knowledge to help every client that comes our way as well, helping them with their upcoming project and guiding them to the right hardware products.

Furthermore, we take hardware seriously. We never let a day go by without maintaining the stock of our stores, ensuring that they are well stocked and all items that people require most are readily available. This way, no matter what hardware product you need, you can rely on us to have it in stock. We also update our inventory regularly, bringing in new items that we believe will truly help the kind of customers we tend to.

Our Promise of Quality

From the beginning, New York Paint and Hardware has been renowned for stocking only premium quality products. We understand that hardware tools and equipment require durability, longevity, and good manufacturing to be truly useful, which is why we exclusively inspect every item for quality before adding it to our range.

Apart from our products, our service and customer care are just as high quality. Our extensive knowledge based in hardware can be an ideal resource for our customers’ projects so we always encourage you to come ask us any questions you may have. Our customer service is always readily available to assist you so whether you contact us or come to us, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you for getting to know us!

We welcome you to the New York Paint and Hardware online store. We are excited to venture into this new digital establishment, meeting the needs of online as well as offline customers. Now you can have high quality hardware products by New York Paint and Hardware at your fingertips and delivered at your door. Our brick and mortar business will remain open as is and we will endeavor to offer the same exceptional level of service to our online customers.